The Bloggies

Black Tie Gala for the Bloggies at 12 noon SLT today, Saturday 26th October!

The Third Annual BVN 2019 Blogger and Vlogger Awards (The Bloggies), recognize. honour and celebrate key contributors in the blogging and vlogging community.

All nominees were selected by the community within Second Life, and those who received a minimum of three unique nominations were added to the final voting poll, and voted for by the community. Today, at the Bloggies’ Gala, the winners of each category will be revealed!

The Bloggies were created and are organised by the Blogger & Vlogger Network (BVN) at BVN strives to provide bloggers and vloggers with the most pertinent, up-to-date, and interactive information available and offers a support and network for new and more seasoned bloggers alike. They offer all of this in a truly active community of like-minded bloggers and vloggers, all completely free as a service to the Second Life community.

The Bloggies Gala 2019
The Bloggies Gala 2019

The Bloggies were created with one simple goal, to recognize key contributors in the blogging and vlogging community. This year’s process began on September 14, 2019, when nominations were open to the public for 35 unique categories. This is 13 more categories than the previous year, as BVN took the suggestions from the blogging community and incorporated them into this year’s awards.

Of those 35 categories, 32 were available to be voted on by the residents of the Second Life Community. The three other categories of nominees: Best Female Fashion Blogger, Best Male Fashion Blogger, and Blogger or Vlogger of the Year were then voted upon by a panel of expert judges.

In addition to these 35 categories, there are two more categories that were not open to the public: BVN Member of the Year and the Founders Award. Instead, the two founders of BVN carefully selected the winner for each based on who they felt embodied the spirit of each award.

All winners will receive a 5,000L gift card, store credit or cash equivalent from the category sponsor, plus a customized BVN Blogger and Vlogger Awards trophy.

Notes on the event:
IMPORTANT – The max capacity of the region will be increased gradually over a 30 min period so if you don’t get in straight away try again 5 mins later. PLEASE DO NOT USE TELEPORT HUDS. These put huge strain on the sim and cause unnecessarily lag that could delay the opening or even cause a restart.

Please try to be as ‘lag-friendly’ as possible by removing any unnecessary scripted items and huds.
Dress code is Black Tie/Formal
The LM will be released to the BVN group at 11.30am slt – so make sure you are a member!

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