The Bloggies Gala 2019

The Bloggies – the results!

The BVN 2019 Blogger and Vlogger Awards (The Bloggies) recognises key contributors in the blogging and vlogging community, and the ceremony for the Bloggies was held on Saturday October 26th with a well-attended Black Tie Gala.

The full list of winners can be found here at the Blogger and Vlogger Network site. As you will see, there were a wide range of categories.

As many of you will know, talented and beloved blogger Autumn Rose (Candygunpowder) passed away after nominations opened. As is standard practice for any awards process, the organisers made the decision to keep Autumn’s name in the categories she was nominated in posthumously. Autumn was saluted by a special and very moving dance by Aelva of the Night Theatre, and in a tribute spoken by Kess Crystal:

“We were all shocked and saddened at the news of Autumn Rose’s passing last month. Many of you know her for her amazing art and bright, vivid and colourful images she brought to us all. A lot of you participated in the Tribute to Autumn that was organised on Flickr and Facebook by making your own Love Life images.”

A Dance for Autumn Rose by Aelva
A Dance for Autumn Rose by Aelva

Two special awards were chosen by the Founders of BVN, Kess Crystal and Trouble Trylan Dethly Crystal, the BVN Member of the Year/Lifetime Achievement Award, which was won by Strawberry Singh, and the BVN Founders Award, which was won by Inara Pey.

The citations were as follows:

BVN Member of the Year.
BVN is lucky to count many high profile Second Lifer’s and even some Lindens in our group membership. Many of them pitch in and help with giving advice, answering questions and more.
This year the founders decided to take a different approach with this award because there is someone, who is a member of BVN, whose contribution to blogging and vlogging in Second Life is second to none. This member has one of the most recognisable blogs and through the years (and there are many of them) has promoted Second Life, helped residents dress their avatars, provided numerous tutorials and given us tips and useful resources to help not just the blogging community but the whole of the SL community.
Their blog was an encyclopaedia of useful information and resources and we know that she is sorely missed as a blogger.  Their skills and talents have long been regarded by residents, bloggers, designers and creators and more and this year their knowledge, expertise and experience were harnessed by the Lindens when she was offered a role to work directly for them.
Many bloggers and vloggers in this room will have learned something from, or been inspired in some form by the winner of this year’s award, which we have decided to rename this year as a Lifetime Achievement Award.
The recipient of the BVN 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award is Strawberry Singh.

The Bloggies
The Bloggies

BVN Founders Award
Unlike the BVN Member of the Year, this award could potentially be won by any blogger or vlogger in the Second Life community.
There have been countless content creators, event coordinators, fans, and colleagues who have been huge proponents of the efforts of bloggers and vloggers across the grid.  To narrow down just one person was certainly a lofty task.
This year’s recipient has been on the grid since 2006 and began blogging in 2007. Her blog covers a range of topics from news, reviews, commentary, exploration and opinion, and her dedication to chronicling the social, cultural and technical aspects of Second Life is unsurpassed. She is the premier source for all Second Life information, a major proponent of the arts and one of the grid’s most prolific bloggers.
It is our honor and privilege to award Inara Pey the BVN Founders Award.

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