LitFest Tours 2019

The Company of Faire Folk prepares to ride out again!

The popular LitFest Tours run every day throughout Fantasy Faire, leaving daily at 5.00pm from the LitFest region to explore the Fairelands.

And now the Company of Faire Folk are going to be starting a series of off-season Tours to visit places around the Grid.

Our plan is to begin by visiting the homes of the Worldmakers and other people involved in the Faire, and to see what they are up to between Faires!

The Tours will be on Fridays at 5pm SLT. A location to meet will be chosen and share with the Company of Faire Folk Second Life group, and also published on this blog.

The HUD for the LitFest Tours
The HUD for the LitFest Tours

Over the last few years, a number of people have become regular explorers on the Tours – so much so that we have acquired a special identity as The Company of Faire Folk who ride out on their explorations. Well, some ride. Others choose to walk or fly.

Sometimes the Tours are an hour of exploration. Other times they become opportunities for shared stories. Sometimes they end with dances.

Here’s a Tale that gives something of the flavour of a Tour that was made to Ardessa in 2018.


The concept behind the LitFest Tours at the Faire is to invite people to put their experience into words – stories and poems. The Faire has produced many wonderful examples of each, as you can see from the list of stories from previous Faires at the bottom of the page.

But you don’t have to write anything! You can take pictures, dance, ask questions, tell tales, or just simply enjoy the explorations!


LitFest Tales

Tales from the Fairelands 2019

Tales from the Fairelands 2018

Tales from the Fairelands 2017

Tales from the Fairelands 2016

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