Designing Worlds Archives

Designing Worlds opens the Archives – and you get to choose the show!

Today we have very exciting news. Recently, Designing Worlds have created a separate Archive site on Vimeo to make available what we think will eventually be over 40 of our old shows, most of which have been unavailable on any channel for some years.

You’ll be able to see the channel at – and for our show tonight … well we are asking our viewers at home to choose which show they want to watch – you can choose your highlights, or have a good old binge on your favourite shows. And our regular Watch Party in the Designing Worlds studios on Garden of Dreams at 2pm SLT can choose which of those shows they would like to see again!

Alchemy Immortalis
Alchemy Immortalis

A Little Bit of History

Over the years, a great many things have changed or Designing Worlds. Well, WE’VE changed for one – originally for the first fourteen months of the show, we were MetaMakeover! Then, when our original producers and hosting channel SLCN became Treet TV, we became Designing Worlds. And our early shows appeared on the Treet TV channel, and were re-routed to our blogs using a service called Vopod – which eventually failed.

Treet.TV ceased production services in July 2011, with many of its shows closing. Designing Worlds and the Giant Snail Races both decided to go it alone. But Treet continued to host our new shows (and archive our old ones) until 2014, when shows were hosted by Aview.TV and then by SLArtist, where they continue to appear until now, and have also more recently on our main Vimeo channel.

Travelling the Second Life Railroads
Travelling the Second Life Railroads

But when the main Treet channel also closed, many of our old videos disappeared. They were stored on a remote server and, over the years, retrieving them became a hideously complex process for the erstwhile Treet team, who had moved on to new and demanding projects. Over the last few years, though, we have managed to retrieve some of our favourite and most popular shows.

Now these shows are available again as we launch our new channel – Designing Worlds Archive on Vimeo.

Designing Worlds Archives
Designing Worlds Archives

30 shows have already been uploaded to the channel – the process is a little slow as we can only upload 5gb each week. So more will be coming!

Today, we invite you, rather than watching a specific show, to dip into our archives and explore our old shows. Perhaps you’ll want to see how things looked back in the really early days when we went Seven Seas Fishing, the hot new game that was taking Second Life by storm, with a newcomer to the show called Elrik Merlin. Or maybe you’ll want to take a look at the remarkable re-creation of the Dresden Art Museum. Perhaps you’ll want to recall the time when Saffia, Elrik and Wildstar were besieged in a tower by a horde of pitchfork wielding Tinies, marvel at the beauties (and crazy sheep) of Alchemy Immortalis, fly with the Flying Tigers, or when we paid visits to other long-gone grids such as the Reaction Grid or Heritage Key. Or perhaps you’ll take a ride on the Second Life railroad. All these lost shows are available once more and – over the coming weeks, more will be added regularly.

The first New Babbage show
The first New Babbage show

We even have the very first New Babbage show!

So enjoy the new channel – let us know what you think, and join our watch party at 2pm in Garden of Dreams to choose which show to start with …


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