Prim Perfect Talks at the Expo: Del and Kess Crystal of Seraphim – and news of an exciting prize!

Seraphim Talks at the Home and Garden Expo
Seraphim Talks at the Home and Garden Expo

At 2pm SLT today, Sunday 16th February, we will be holding the first of the Prim Perfect talks when Saffia Widdershins will be talking to Del Flower and Kess Crystal of Seraphim, the premier events and sales blog.

You can discover all about Seraphim, how it works, how it can help your promote your brand, your event or your blog, and what it feels like to run such a popular media source.

And in addition, there’s a special prize to be won! Seraphim are offering a place in a draw for everyone who attends the session, with the prize being a 1,000 Linden gift voucher for Apple Fall. Who would want to miss that?


Information about more Prim Perfect talks will be appearing here shortly.

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