Designing Worlds at SL17B!

Visit Designing Worlds at SL17B!

We have a beautiful site at the Second Life 17th Birthday celebrations!

Designed by Annie aka Undercoverlady, it has Designing Worlds out on a road trip in a beautiful bit of countryside. You’ll find areas high and low to explore, even underwater! And there are some quiet corners to relax or even enjoy a picnic.

One of the collectible Designing Worlds postcards at SL17B
One of the collectible Designing Worlds postcards at SL17B

And because the theme of this Birthday is roadtrips and vacations, the Designing Worlds team have been busy sending postcards too! Inside the cute little figures you’ll find around the exhibit, there are a whole range of postcards, with messages from Saffia, Elrik, Aisling and Wildstar, with each card being from one of the amazing places we have visited on the web. On the reverse side, you’ll find a message from one of us – and each card also has a link to the show featured on the postcard!

See how many you can collect – each click on the figures will give you a free random postcard. You can collect and keep them all – or gift them to friends.

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