Meet Callie Cline in Conversation with Saffia Widdershins at 12 noon today

In addition to the Meet the  Lindens events, Saffia will also be in conversation at 12 noon today with Callie Cline, designer, Second Life businesswoman and, of course, the owner of the amazing KittyCats, as part of the SL17B Birthday Celebrations.

You can join the live audience at the Auditorium at the Celebration. The Auditorium is open in three areas – but do get there early – all this week. it has filled up fast!

Saffia will be talking to Callie about her businesses in Second Life, including the incredibly popular KittyCats! They have a special installation here on Second Life – make sure you see it, with ALL the Birthday Cats playing together!

You’ll find the site here on SL17B Electrify – right next to the Designing Worlds exhibit, co-incidentally!

Talking with Callie is always great fun – so do come and join us at 12 noon!



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