Designing Worlds remembers Ebbe Linden

Like so many in Second Life, the Designing Worlds team were greatly saddened to learn this weekend of the passing of Ebbe Altberg, known on the Second Life grid as Ebbe Linden. Elrik and Saffia were fortunate enough to be able to interview Ebbe on a number of occasions, both with Designing Worlds, and with Saffia’s annual “Meet the Lindens” talks at the Second Life Birthdays.

Ebbe was a wonderful guest to talk to – and always willing to share ideas and plans for Second Life. In today’s Archive show, we look back to the very first interview we did with him, back in 2014. You can see it on this blog, or watch it directly on Vimeo at: You can also join the Watch Party at 2pm SLT Monday June 7th in our studio on Garden of Dreams, where we are sure there will be lots of discussion about Ebbe and his contributions, in so many ways, to Second Life.

Ebbe arrived at the Lab in February 2014, at what was a low point in the Lab’s fortunes. From the heady early days when the Lab, residents and the grid had grown together, a widening division became perceived between the Lab and the residents. Lindens were no longer allowed to go on the grid and socialize with residents; residents increasingly felt that the Lab didn’t “get them” or their needs and desires (having said that – the Lab is such a multifarious place that it would be difficult for anyone to “get” everything!). There seemed to be an animosity of both sides that made many people very sad.

Ebbe came in – and was like a breath of fresh air. Suddenly, Lindens were back on the grid. The team was smaller as Sansar was developed – but the amount of content and new innovations grew amazingly. And best of all, the closed doors were opened – and residents were allowed to share in the ideas and plans for the future. The enthusiasm of the team working on the Second Life grid seemed power-charged, with the Bellisseria Homes, the development of material, the Bento project, animesh .. and much more. This all came to fruition on Ebbe’s watch – and a reason why, when the pandemic struck, Second Life was in such a healthy place to welcome back old friends and new.

He not only made changes to the infrastructure – he made changes to the culture of Second Life – and that in a time of darkness, when many despaired of the real world around us. Under Ebbe’s leadership, Second Life became a place of hope for a better world.

Interview with Ebbe, Elrik and Saffia on Matanzas, photograph by Honour Macmillan

The interview we’re showing today was recorded in October 2014 for the 250th edition of Designing Worlds. We were hoping to have Ebbe back on the show for the 500th – and we are devastated that interview will now never happen.

In the words of Shakespeare (almost) …
Small time, but in that small most greatly lived
This star of Linden.

Come and join us for today’s Designing Worlds and see again our first interview with Ebbe Linden at our Watch Party in Garden of Dreams – or see it on the web.

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