Designing Worlds’ visit to the home of the Ancient Order of Centaurs – Centauria – is now on the web!

Designing Worlds returns for its Autumn/Fall season with a great all-new show as we visit the beautiful and fascinating world of Centauria, home of the Ancient Order of Centaurs.

In this episode, we visit the lands of Centauria and learn about the Ancient Order of Centaurs, in company with the owner and creator of Centauria, and of the much-loved Jinx Centaurs: Julala Demina, and her assistant Lil Cinnamon.

We visit the regions that comprise Centauria, see many of the focal points , while Julala and Lil discuss the activities and traditions of the centaur community. We explore the three Houses and their locations within Centauria: Cloudbirth – home of the farmers and healers, Glenstorm – home of the warriors, and the mysterious Roonwit – home of the Mages.

We also have the opportunity of seeing the fantastic range of Centaurs from Jinx, ranging from the very large to the very tiniest!

We also see one of the events that are regularly held in Centauria the special induction ceremony for new centaurs (affectionately known as the “Wednesday Wiggle”), and learn of many more events and roleplay opportunities.

You can read more about the Ancient Order of Centaurs on their pages on the Jinx website:
And you can visit the regions (via he main landing point) here:

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