Designing Worlds visits Second Life’s leading shopping resource – Seraphim – now on the web

In this show, Designing Worlds explores Seraphim, the premier shopping resource in (and for) Second Life. Seraphim began as the website SeraphimSL but has more recently acquired an inworld presence too.

We’re joined by Kess Crystal and Delicate Flower, the owners of Seraphim, along with some of their colleagues, and get a thorough look around the region, including the extensive Outlet store, gardens, offices and much more. We also get a detailed look at the web site itself with its extensive coverage of events and sales, and gain some fascinating insights into the workings of a site that pulls in an average of 53,435 page views a day – the most popular SL-related non-Linden web site out there.

It all makes for a really interesting show that explores some of the possibilities Second Life offers for publicity and marketing on a scale that might surprise many people – they expect to get around 18 million visits this year!

You’ll find the Seraphim website here:
And you can visit Seraphim inworld here:

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