Designing Worlds shares a Halloween Tale – How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery

All images by Wildstar Beaumont

Here at Designing Worlds, it’s a tradition to present a show that’s somewhat different at certain times of year, and Hallowe’en is one of those times.

Thus it is that we are pleased to give you our special Hallowe’en show for 2021: the presentation of a ghost story by Edwardian master of the genre, E F Benson (1867-1940): “How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery”.

The tale first appeared in 1912 in a collection called “The Room in the Tower, and Other Stories”.

Following a tradition arguably established by Charles Dickens with “A Christmas Carol”, many of Benson’s tales are set in the period between Christmas and New Year, at a time when Hallowe’en was not the major event it is now. However, it’s highly suitable for Hallowe’en as we are sure you’ll agree.

As we have often done previously, we present this tale as a reading with multiple voices. Each reader presents a short passage from a suitable location around the Second Life grid. The reading is illustrated with still images by our talented photographer, Wildstar Beaumont. The passages are read by Fakey Jewell of the Jewell Theatre, Saffia Widdershins, Mavromichali Szondi and Elrik Merlin.

We do hope you enjoy our special presentation for Hallowe’en 2021.

The photographs are by Wildstar Beaumont and the set of the Long Gallery was designed by Beryl Strifeclaw.

The following locations were used for the readers:
Elrik Merlin – The Library (A Dreamscene created by Kayle Matzerath – viewable in the Garden of Dreams store):

Saffia Widdershins – The Looking Glass:

Fakey Jewell – The Ballroom (A Dreamscene created by Kayle Matzerath – viewable in the Garden of Dreams store):

Mavromichali Szondi – Jitters Court, Home of the Bigginses in Port Babbage:

Locations for How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery:
The Long Gallery itself was built on privately owned land.
The house used for Church Peveril is by Koshari Mahana. You can see it on the Marketplace here:
The Blue Lady was seen at Calas Galadhon Park:

You can read How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery here:
(and lots of others by EF Benson too – Saffia and Elrik recommend The Bus Conductor:

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