Designing Worlds looks back at … the ChangHigh Sisters!

Join us today, Monday 6th December 2021 at 2pm SLT in our beautiful studio in Garden of Dreams as we journey back into the past for an episode first shown in January 2012, when we explored the world of the spectacular ChangHigh Sisters – a performing arts troupe who are well-known to this day throughout Second Life, where their popular performances draw significant audiences.

You can watch the episode on this blog, and you can also see it on the Designing Worlds Vimeo channel at and you can join the special Watch Party at 2pm SLT in our studio on Garden of Dreams.

Elrik and Saffia try some of the Sisters’ acrobatic poses themselves, and discover a little of the deep spiritual and esoteric background behind the ChangHigh Sisters’ Fireshow of Light, Life & Love.

ChangHigh Sisters, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

The programme culminates with the Sisters’ unique show – staged especially for Designing Worlds – of stunning acrobatics with fire and dazzling colours, including inspiring narration and music from leading in-world and RL composers and musicians.

So join us at 2pm SLT by tuning in or by coming to the Watch Party in Garden of Dreams to see a spectacular show – and to learn more of the wonderful creative people behind it!

ChangHigh Sisters, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont


You can find out more about the Sisters and their shows at:

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