Designing Worlds discussion with Patch and Brett Linden – see it here!

Catch up with the discussion – when Designing Worlds met with Patch Linden, Vice President, Product Operations and Brett Linden, Vice President of Marketing at Linden Lab, to talk about some developing projects – and the possibilities of the sudden popularity of and conversations about the metaverse.

We started off in the newest area of Bellisseria, which we first saw at this year’s Second Life Birthday celebrations – the Fantasy homes. We discovered the magnificent Community Centre – The Eyrie – and the progress of Linden Homes, as well as current interest in the metaverse. And the wonderful photoshoot from Wildstar Beaumont was all about the fantasy Linden Homes.

Then we moved on to discuss and explore current joint projects between Linden Lab and third parties, bringing new experiences to Second Life: Film Threat and Zenescope. And we also talked about what the future might hold for virtual worlds in general and Second Life in particular.

Inside a Bellisseria Fantasy Home, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont


Places on the show:
The Eyrie – community centre for the Bellisseria Fantasy Linden Homes –
If you would like to visit some Fantasy Bellisseria Homes, look at this page in the Bellisseria Parade of Homes Review:
Film Threat –
Read more about Film Threat here:
Read more about Zenescope here:

A Bellisseria Fantasy Home, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

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