Designing Worlds looks back to our first visit to the Second Life Home and Garden Expo – in 2009!

The Home and Garden Expo opened last Saturday – but in today’s Designing Worlds show, we’re going to be looking back to the very first show we filmed at the Expo – that was the second Home and Garden Expo in 2009.

Join us today, Monday 28th February 2022 at 2pm SLT in our beautiful studio in Garden of Dreams, or watch the show on the web, either here on the blog or on Vimeo at

It’s a chance to see what Second Life looked like back in 2009, and compare the latest homes, furniture and garden products on sale then – with the way that Second Life Homes look today (to say nothing of the avatars!). In fact, this was the very first episode of Designing Worlds, the rebranding of MetaMakeover, as our partners SLCN changed over to being Treet TV.

The Expo on Palladium

The 2009 Expo was twice the size of the 2008 Expo consisting of four regions and 55 different participating stores. Our sister publication Prim Perfect had a pavilion at the show where they’showcased new designers as part of their Prim Perfect Pathfinders project – and you can read about the show in much more detail here: (although we wouldn’t recommend you trying to teleport to any of the links!

But here ARE some links you can use – the current Second Life Home and Garden Expo opened on Saturday, and will be running until March 20th.

See more here: – and check out the Links to the various regions!

And don’t miss your chance to enter the this year’s Home Decorating Contest!

This year there are sixteen very different styles of homes on Hope Street on Home & Garden Expo – Hope1 There are moderns, historic builds, rustic homes, and even some water-based homes (a houseboat and a pirate ship). There are three tiny homes in very different styles too!

House 14: Tour de Marlborough and dairy by Silex zapedzki of Never Totally Dead, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

These homes will be decorated by sixteen contestants who will have 350 prims (land impact) each to decorate the Home and the surrounding Garden area.

Each contestant can decorate in any style they wish that suits their house, but they MUST include at least three items purchased from RFL vendors at the Home and Garden Expo.

House 9: Houseboat Calypso by Christhiana of Needful Prims, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont


  1. Entries to be submitted by the end of March 4th
  2. Decorating to take place between noon on March 5th – the end of March 12th.
  3. Voting will run from March 13th – the end of March 19th. Votes will be placed by adding Lindens into the kiosk in front of each house.
  4. The result will be announced on March 20th.

To enter, fill in the form on the web: OR complete the notecard embedded in the easels around Hope Street, or in the signs for the individual houses and post it in one of the blue mailboxes by the end of Friday, March 4th.

Hope Street, with homes to be decorated

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