Meet the Lindens – The Marketing Team!

Today, Wednesday 22nd June at 2pm SLT, in a pre-recorded session, Saffia will be talking to the Marketing Team, consisting of Feuling Linden, Chief Marketing Officer; Brett Linden, Vice President of Marketing; Darcy Linden, Director of Marketing; Strawberry, Senior Social Media Manager; Maveric Linden, Senior Marketing Analyst; and Emika Linden, Senior Marketing Manager.

There will be a watch party and a live discussion with Saffia and some of the Lindens to go with the showing at the SL19B Arboretum in one of the three audience regions –
SLB Wonderous:
SLB Fascinate:
SLB: Exhilarate:

If you can’t join us live, then you’ll be able to catch the discussion at:

Although this session (like yesterday’s discussion with Oberwolf and Philip Linden) has been pre-recorded (due to the difficulty of matching up schedules), there will be a chance to discuss the issues raised – and questions that can’t be answered can be forwarded from these sessions to the Lab.

And don’t miss the rest of the week’s talks!

On Thursday, Saffia will be talking live to Grimpity and Mojo Linden about technical issues, what they’s been doing over the last year and plans for the future.

And finally on Friday, we’ll have a chance to Meet the Moles, and learn about the vital work these residents working for the Lab are accomplishing.

All the talks will be livestreamed on YouTube, and available afterwards.

You can catch Patch Linden’s talk here:

And Inara Pey has a great analysis of the discussion with Patch on her blog, Living in a Modem World.

Yesterday’s discussion with Oberwolf and Philip Linden is here:

Thanks to Strawberry Linden for the livestreaming and the posters!

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