Meet the Lindens and the Moles – the full range of talks from SL19B!

Last week, from the 20th – 24th June, Saffia hosted talks with a range of Lindens, and the Moles. The full list of talks is as follows (and there are links to Inara Pey’s analysis of the Talks too!):

You can catch Patch Linden’s talk on Monday 20th here:

And Inara Pey has a great analysis of the discussion with Patch on her blog, Living in a Modem World.


Tuesday 21st’s discussion with Oberwolf and Philip Linden is here:

And again, if you missed it, Inara Pey provides a great analysis.


And the discussion with the Marketing Team is here:


And yesterday’s discussion with Grumpity and Mojo is here:

And again, Inara Pey provides a full analysis.


Finally, on Friday 24th, we had Meet the Moles – a very lively session!

This time, Inara Pey provides a focus on information relating to the New User eXperience (NUX), the upcoming new Starter Avatars, and on plans for Linden Homes for Premium Plus and Premium accounts. Also provided is information on who the Moles are, and how to apply to become one.

Thanks to Strawberry Linden for the livestreaming throughout the week and the posters, to Max Mole for providing the sound, to Vee (Varian Altney) for cpollecting and passing on audience questions, and to Squeaky Mole for organising the smooth running of the events!

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