Designing Worlds looks back to the art community of Laurel Arts Isle

Join us at 2pm SLT today, Monday 26th September for Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams in Second Life, or watch here on the web as we revisit a show from 2012, when we visited Laurel Arts Isle, which – at that time – included the longest-running music venue in Second Life.

Saffia and Elrik toured the Ancient-Egypt themed Laurel Arts Isle, where Circe Broom created extensive multiple music stages and poetry areas in a beautiful Ancient Egyptian environment with the help of her colleagues.

On the show, we explore with Circe and Vince Merrick the different stage areas including the Luxor and Memphis stages, and the Cairo Theatre – and we also visit the well-known Sunset Jazz Club as well as seeing the area where popular poetry and story-telling sessions take place.

Classical music at Laurel Arts Isle

And we also discussed changes in Second Life that were causing areas like Laurel Arts Isle to close.

In addition to the problems we discussed, we were aware that Circe, who was such a very fervent supporter of music and poetry in Second Life, was gravely ill. She was suffering from COPD and was facing this with enormous courage. Later in the year she moved to a hospice. By then she was only occasionally coming in to Second Life but in June, as part of the Second Life 9th Birthday celebrations,KT Syakumi built an amazing region wide (and long) Egyptian stage. Knowing how much Circe loved Egyptian artefacts, I longed to show it to her and one day, I was fortunate enough to see her online. Together with Crap Mariner, a old friend of Circe’s, we explored the lost temples and sand dunes of the build. She died a few weeks after that.

KT Syakumi’s Egyptian Stage at SL9B, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing this wonderful show again – either here on the web, or joining us at the Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams in Second Life.

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