Designing Worlds marks the passing of the Queen – now on the web

Images of Buckingham Palace by Wildstar Beaumont

Designing Worlds marked the passing of Queen Elizabeth II with a very special show, part discussion of what this means to people, and part visiting some of the memorials that people created.

Our discussion was hosted by the royalty of Antiquity in their beautiful re-creation of Buckingham Palace, and we are joined by Kess Crystal, Mrs Sassypants, Liz Wilner, Jacon Cortes, Jorge Serapis and Mary Layton. We also visit the Portrait Gallery and Church created by Liz Wilner and Oriella Charik, and the special chapel created by Jorge Serapis. We also visit the event held in Antiquity.

Now that official mourning has ended, memorials have largely disappeared – if some still remain, we’d love to hear about them! But you can still visit the magnificent re-creation of Buckingham Palace in Antiquity at:

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