Designing Worlds looks back to … the Pirates of the Trade Winds!

Join us at 2pm SLT today, Monday 14th November, for Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams or watch here on the web as we recall the time when we sailed the seas (and drank in the taverns) with the magnificent pirates of the Trade Winds.

In this show from March 2014, we talk to some of the pirates and boat-builders active in the Trade Winds, including Blithe Binder, Kirsten Blackheart, MizLucie Winterwolf, Karnac Binder, GM Nikolaidis, Evvva Viper, Amber Murfin, Flops, Paddy SaltyDog Goldsworthy and tessa Vespucciano, and are entertained by the fantastic Deelah Halostar.

We learn about the pirates, the Trade Winds, the history of pirates in the Caribbean, the wonderful craft they sail in – and we get to take part in a battle too!

Join us at 2pm for a really exciting and colourful show! It’s one you won’t want to miss!

Sadly, the Trade Winds no longer exists as a destination, but there are other pirate destinations in Second Life, which you can find in search. Be aware that many are adult regions.

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