Designing Worlds’ visit to Castle Dracula – now on the web

All images by Wildstar Beaumont

“Count Dracula welcomes you to his House. Come freely, go safely, and leave some of the happiness you bring…”

In this episode, we visit the remarkable Castle Dracula, on which creator Wanders Nowhere – best known for his Prehistorica dinosaur experience – has been working for the past 14 years! Opened for the first time this Halloween, the Castle is to remain open all year.

Wanders has created the exquisitely-detailed Castle and surrounding environment, along with a detailed Experience – remaining remarkably close to Bram Stoker’s original book – in which you journey to a strange, silent village where you take a coach to Castle Dracula to search for a missing person. There are many scary tableaux on the way, along with the chance to meet the mysterious Count himself!

The year is 1897, and you have journeyed to Transylvania on the trail of your friend, Jonathan Harker, and at the invitation of Count Dracula himself. A dark tale is about to repeat itself…

The task involves finding Jonathan’s journal entries scattered throughout Dracula’s enormous castle – amid plentiful references to gothic horror in literature, film and games over the centuries – and trying to stay among the living…if you can.

This show avoids spoilers, but gives an introduction to the story complemented by a detailed interview with the creator, and extensive views of the Castle and environs.


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