Holiday Season: Designing Worlds looks back to … Pleasantville

This December, Designing Worlds is planning three special seasonal episodes – looking back to the past, and also sharing some wonderful places you can visit this year. We’re starting all the way back in 2011, when Designing Worlds visited the small town of Pleasantville to see how they celebrate Christmas.

Join us at 2pm SLT today, Monday 5th December for Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams in Second Life, or watch here on the web.

Consisting of three regions, with an elementary school and downtown area, Pleasantville is devoted to the then increasingly popular activity of family roleplay, a still active community that is important for many people. Saffia and Elrik talked to some of the children, their parents and teachers, shared in their Christmas activities, and found out why family roleplay is such a special thing in many people’s Second Lives.

We were joined by some of the residents of the town, adults and children, including Mindy Metaluna, Pleasantville owner and principal of the Hardknock Elementary School, Maisie Netizen – teacher and home-owner, the designer ßαßу Åηgεℓ Åυɤα and three of Pleasantville’s younger generation who showed Elrik some of the sights: Caitlyn Bayn, Randee Rose Bayn and Pinkie Denimore Benelli. And there were many others who give us a wonderfully warm welcome to Pleasantville – even if the weather was decidedly frosty!


Sadly, it seems that Pleasantville and Hardknock Elementary School are no longer on the grid – if other people know of any other good family roleplay communities, please let us know!

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