Designing Worlds is exploring the past! Part 3: 2010

Join Designing Worlds today, Monday 13th March, as we take the third of a series of peeks into the past of Designing Worlds – and Second Life!

You can see the show here, or on the Designing Worlds Vimeo channel at

Or you can join us for our Watch Party in the beautiful Designing Worlds studios in the Garden of Dreams, where we’ll be discussing our peep into the past – and our own Second Life memories.

In this episode we look back to 2010. It was billed by Linden Lab as the Year of Delight – and whether or not that was a true prediction will, we hope, emerge within the show. But here are some clues – two changes of CEO, massive lay-offs, viewer wars, rows at the SL7B … it all makes for a fascinating discussion with our resident historian, Marianne McCann.

And there are other treats in the shape of extracts from shows in 2010, including not just Second Life but visits to other grids like the Reaction Grid and the beautiful Heritage Key, as well as fascinating Second Life locations.

And there’s even a little fore-warning of the coming of mesh, with what was a very rare occurrence in those days – the appearance of a Linden on the show!

Again, many places in this show have vanished – but there are a few you can visit!

Places to Visit:
The Golden Oriole:

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