Designing Worlds is exploring the past! Part 4: 2011

Join Designing Worlds today, Monday 27th March, as we take the third of a series of peeks into the past of Designing Worlds – and Second Life!

You can see the show here, or on the Designing Worlds Vimeo channel at

Or you can join us for our Watch Party in the beautiful Designing Worlds studios in the Garden of Dreams, where we’ll be discussing our peep into the past – and our own Second Life memories.

This was the year when mesh began to enter the grid – although there were still many who couldn’t see it! Saffia will be discussing this – and other issues with our resident historian, Marianne McCann. And Wildstar Beaumont will be showing more photos from his archives!

And there will be plenty of other things to see and remember too, as we re-visit shows about various Second Life phenomenon, and art on another platform too. As it says in the Beatles’ song – some are gone, and some remain – so look for links below!


Places on the show that you can visit:
Garden of Dreams:
Fantasy Faire 2011:
(and Fantasy Faire 2023:

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