Excuse me, I have a problem …

I’ve decided that we shall have a problem page in Prim Perfect. Perhaps an area where readers can share experience and give advice.

This comes out of the fact that the other day, I ran into an man with only half a house.

A very nice man, he was thinking about buying some furniture. I suggested some stores – he did seem to have plenty of prims. And then he told me – he’d bought a nice prefab, but when he tried to build it, only half was there. And the guy who had sold it to him was now never online or answering his IMs.

The chap was a lot more philosphical than I think I would have been – I’d have been spitting. Admittedly a house in isolation, without land, isn’t anything like as expensive as it would be in real life, but really – caveat emptor! (i.e. buter beware) should have its limits, even in Second Life.

Now, I must say that my experience as a shopper (who said “Shopaholic”? I saw you! You at the back there, muttering behind your hand!) have been overwhelming positive. Even busy designers have taken the time out to explain patiently to me how to tweak prims to hide a pantie line, or have replaced fancy cuffs I absent-mindedly dropped. One top designer even took time out to build me a special pair of glitch pants. Now that’s impressive service.

But this poor chap’s experience did make me think of people who don’t have positive commercial experiences, and if they can be helped.

So – I’m thinking of a problem page in Prim Perfect – where people can, on the one hand, get advice for just this sort of situation, but also advice on other problems they’ve got with interior design, home or gardens too.

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