I love Venice in the spring time …

As you know, the Prim Perfect Offices are on Venice Island, a comparatively new sim. It’s a loose recreation of Venice, centred around St Mark’s Square, with canals on all sides (you can take a gondola trip and explore for yourselves).

Venice IslandI love it. I love the fact that, when I’ve finished fiddling with whatever I need to fiddle with on the office, I can stroll over the bridge, down an alley, past the tall brick campanile (bell-tower) and into the square, where I can take a seat at one of the cafe tables, relax and watch the world go by. I’m sure, before long, I’ll be able to get a decent cappuccino or, if it’s the late afternoon, a Campari soda with a twist of orange.

Venice has plenty of shops,. but they tend to be small and quirky rather than large scale chains. It’s emphatically not a mall – you can go there to shop, but it seems to me to exist as much for the sheer pleasure of its sense of place. And it does have a very strong sense of place.

At the moment, the owners of Venice, delighted with how successful it has been, have decided on a re-design that will enlarge the square and render the porticoes even more like those of the Piazza San Marco. I’ve been treated to some pre-views, and it looks very exciting. In addition, the Prim Perfect offices will relocate slightly (in about a months time) and gain an elegant new frontage. Still by a canal, of course!

To celebrate the redesign, the owners of Venice are offering a special deal – any reader of this blog who takes out a new lease on a shop in the redesigned Venice will receive a 10% discount on the rent for the first month. And as that month looks likely to include the launch party of the first issue of Prim Perfect, I think that could be a good deal – at least, I am vain enough to hope so!

If you’re interested, contact a Venice owner, and tell them that you read about it here.


Come and visit the Prim Perfect Offices on Venice Island

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