Best of the Best

Odaesan HouseIt’s rare that I arrive at a shop/store/mall/whatever and my first reaction is to take a picture of it. But Odaesan House is somewhat different from the average store. Designed by Zeug Thalheimer and Troy Vogel, it’s a house filled with beautiful things by a range of designers – and the quality on the outside is reflected by the beautiful build outside.

As soon as I arrived, I was struck by the way the frontage makes use of light and glass. The designers say that they intend Odeasan House to be the premier location for mission style furnishings, decorations, design ideas, but for me the whole has a strong feel of Charles Rennie Mackintosh; you can see it in the design on the windows and doors with their Art Nouveau features (such as you can see in, say, his design for the Willow Tearooms in Glasgow), but also in the shape, which recalls his designs for the Glasgow School of Art.

I should add, in parenthesis, that the setting of Odaesan House is rather nicer than that of the Glasgow School of Art!

Inside, the setting is arranged so that you feel you’ve walked into a private house – and it’s beautifully carried through. The feeling one gets is of visiting a stately home or a living museum rather than a store (albeit there are rather more, and more diverse, seating areas than you’d find even in the average stately home). Not all the pieces are yet for sale; you have to discover which are by trial and error – although the owners hope that eventually everything will be available.

Odaesan House is not yet fully open (hence no slurl for it today); over the next few days I’ll be visiting again and will bring you reports of the interior, and individual items that particularly caught my eye. Watch this space!

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