Glass, Glorious Glass

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of glassware. I love Tiffany lamps, stained glass, and glassware generally. And I like the fact that, in Second Life, textures mean that you can do wonderful things with glass, at very low prim cost.

Venetian glassSo I was very pleased the other day to discover Peilo Yallock’s shop in the backstreets of Venice Island. Venice, of course, has a long and glorious history of glass-blowing to make their wares; the beautifully coloured glass is then painted rather than carved (until, say, Bohemian glass/crystal). Peilo has picked up on this tradition – although some of her creations are perhaps closer to the glass artefacts I saw being made in Sweden at the Orrefors glassworks (and had a hand in making – very badly, I might add!).

Venetian glassPeilo has made ornaments – such a paperweights and a few plates too(and you can see a paperweight and a plate design to the right). At only one prim each, these are a study in the use of textures rather than intricacies of carving – but also something that isn’t going to break the prim bank! The designs are abstract – but very appealing. You can see the full current range by clicking on either of the thumbnails.

Of course, some designers are using textures in glass in different ways.

Venetian glassPersonally, I love what Sofia Standish has done with the iris bowl and plate shown to the left here (also part of the banner headline at the top of this page). What I’m impressed by in the way the opalescence and richness of the colours are clearly there in the finished object, making it a real pleasure to look at and to handle.

This is only one of a range Sofia has produced – you can see more at her store on Tristan Peak.

And while I’m talking about Peilo’s shop in Venice, let me remind you about the rebuild that’s happening there at the moment, and the special offer that’s available to the readers of this blog! To celebrate the redesign, the owners of Venice are offering a special deal – any reader of this blog who takes out a new lease on a shop in the redesigned Venice will receive a 10% discount on the rent for the first month.



Glassware by Peilo Yallock available from Peilo’s Store Venice Island (59, 11, 30)

Iris bowl and plate by Sofia Standish – available from Sofia’s Furniture

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