New Prim Perfect Offices: Sneak Preview

Ca'PisaniAs I’ve mentioned before on this blog, the redesign on the Venice sim means that I’ll be packing up my office and moving in the new future. But the Venice builders very kindly said that I could choose my own new building if I wanted. I googled some Venice images and finally found the one here – the Hotel Ca’Pisani – as shown on the left.

In actual fact, aware that this small picture could cause problems, I googled and got about half-a-dozen pictures. In a build like this, though, what the builder really needs a decent sized straight-on image that can be stretched and shruk, as necessary.

But the builders of Venice, led on this project for my offices by Sunday Ayres, are not easily daunted. What they’re working on is their own version of the Ca’Pisani – which they’ll then photograph to get the texture, and then use that texture for my office.

And here’s a first view of the work in progress.

New Prim Perfect office

But why don’t they use the building anyway, rather than a photograph of it, I hear you ask (well, some of you, certainly). The answer is prims. A texture can be placed on a single prim and create a good effect, but if you construct a complex building like this, you can find yourself gobbling up the prims. Sunday said originally she thought it would take about 200 prims – when I took this picture, she told me it was already 350 prims and counting …

Textures are the really answer to the prim dilemma. By keeping the prim count low, textures offer so many more opportunities for creativity. There’ll be articles on prim management in the Prim Perfect magazine, and also articles on textures, showing you textures at their very best – and how to create your own.

And for those of you who are wondering what will happen to the house that is being build for its textures – well, it won’t be destroyed after the building. Although urban Venice might find it a little hard to swallow all those prims, a more rural sim will definitely appreciate what’s well in the way to becoming a lovely build.

And don’t forget the special offer that’s available to the readers of this blog! To celebrate the redesign, the owners of Venice are offering a special deal – any reader of this blog who takes out a new lease on a shop in the redesigned Venice will receive a 10% discount on the rent for the first month.

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