The Banana Palm Saga: Part 1

As some of you know, my home in SL is my castle – quite literally. I have a pretty castle in the corner of a private sim, right by the sea (in fact, my castle replaced a dilapidated lighthouse). I’d say it was a small castle but it does have a most spectacular tower.

And it’s always had magnificent views. To one side you look out over another (larger) castle, across a stream. On another side,you look out across a beautiful pavilion to another small castle. The third view is off the sea … a long, cool blue line, with waves beating on the shore. And on the fourth side …

Well, for a long time it was a lonely headland. That was rather romantic but too good to last, as my landlady has no rights over that part of the sim.

So one day I came home from a hard day at work selling advertising for Prim Perfect to discover that a wedding industry had been set up on the headland.

To be honest, I could have lived with that. Certainly I would have preferred my lonely headland, but I could cope with the rose hedge that surrounded the honeymoon cottage, the white chiffon curtains that blew in this wind – even the poofer that shot shiny white particles in the air every few seconds. All of that I could have lived with.

No, the straw that broke the back of my camel was the banana palm.

Venetian glass To begin with, I am not that keen on banana palms, and this one seemed to be a particularly vulgar member of its family. It looked disproportionate to me, as though a much smaller plant had been scaled up- particularly noticeable in the shape of those shiny deep green leaves …

From the lower floor, the view wasn’t too bad. The upper edge of the window cuts it down and makes it almost bearable. But, from the next storey, the view is … . Well. I’ll let you all decide.

But your editor, dear readers, is a dauntless lass. After staring at the banana palm for a while with marked disapprobation, I finally came up with a Plan.

And what that plan was, you shall learn tomorrow.


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