I’ve been to a marvellous party …

odaesan_01 … and a pretty wonderful house, too.

Last Saturday, I went to the opening of Odaesan House, the home of Zeug Thalheimer, designed by Troy Vogel which has been created, as they say, to be “the premier location for mission style furnishings, decorations, design ideas.”

It’s a marvellous creation – an ideal symbiosis of client and designer, it seemed to me – in certain aspects very much a home (the wonderful kitchen and family dining room, for example). In other aspects it’s a showplace – such as the magnificent banqueting hall. And most of the items within the House are for sale as well.

Another unusual feature is that Troy and Zeug have both been determined that, as this should act as a showcase for all that is best, they have included the work of many fine designers. Among others, I spotted pieces by Colleen Desmoulins, Szabo Horn and Desmond Shang.

odaesan_02The inspirations for the House are many and varied. There are Arts and Crafts elements, as well as elements of designers such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright. Some features have (quite deliberately) a Turkish feel, and when Zeug pointed out to me Japanese elements in another area, I quite agreed.

And, as Troy said, there’s very much a Hudson Hotel feel in the great reception room at the core of the house, with its clever use of space to introduce a variety of conversation pieces.

As you’ve probably guessed, I could go on at length about this lovely house – but I’m saving the full story now for the first issue of the magazine, where you’ll be able to see even more illustrations of the treasures you’ll find there!


All images taken at Zeug Thalheimer and Troy Vogel’s Odaesan House


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