What have the Romans Done for Us?

rugsI received word from one of my favourite designers, Sofia Standish, that she was branching out with a new themed line, so of course, I popped over to her store on Tristan Peak to take a look.

Sofia’s well known for her medieval styles, and also for her modern pieces as well, but now she’s ventured into a classical range. Roman in theme, to my mind it reflects more an eighteenth century take on Roman design – as, for example, reflected in the delicacy of the turning on the chair legs.

The texture on the frame of the seats resembles marble, or, to me, wood cunningly painted to resemble marble (a style popular in Tuscany in, I think, the 16th century, and possibly later). I love too the way that the blue on the fabric of the cushions and the upholstery picks up the edging on the table and the frames of the chairs.

This collection is a new departure for Sofia, whose furniture as a rule tends to be low on prim but rich in texture (as you can see in the bedspread and other pieces here). By contrast, these new Roman-themed pieces are deceptively simple (and the wealth of detailing tells you that the simplicity is deceptive indeed) but extremely elegant.

And if that wasn’t enough, on my way out of the store, I passed a new sofa with a rich green, black and blue texture that just begged to be bought. If Sofia explands this into a range, I swear I may not be able to resist temptation …


Furniture by Sofia Standish – available from Sofia’s Furniture

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