What’s happening?

editor Well, the crucial weekend approaches. Even though my desk (created, like all my office furniture, by Szabo Horn of Created by Szabo) looks shockingly empty, I am hard at work producing the first issue of Prim Perfect.

In fact, the desk looks even more shockingly empty in the bigger picture; but you can then see more of Szabo’s lovely curved desk and the painting by Troy Vogel on the wall behind me. And if you look really carefully, you can see the Prim Perfect post on the wall in the Conference room behind me.

And with the acquisition of Trixie (the Maltese puppy I’m wearing), my transfiguration into Mrs Pynchon seems only a matter of time …

But before that … I have an issue of Prim Perfect to get out!

To end on a really upbeat not, I’m delighted to say that the blog is getting more and more hits. And it’s clear that people aren’t just reading the most recent articles – they’re taking the time to explore on depth – which is terrific!

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