Walls of water

opticon Yesterday I did something I very rarely do in Second Life, and visited a casino. I’m not really into gambling, and have no wish to be tempted. But this casino was built by a builder I know (Opticon Nykvist of Chronoforge 4D), and he promised me he’d done something rather special. And he was right.

The overall style of the casino is Romanesque (despite the rather modern name of Amsterdam). And there are massive pillars and great sweeping folds of heavy curtains to greet you – opulent and sumptuous. So gorgeous is it that the build rather overshadows the furniture (which seemed a little modern for the setting, unfortunately – a shame they didn’t follow through on the Roman theme here too).

But the most stunning aspect, for me at least, was the way that Opticon has used water – fountains, courts and walls of water everywhere – a rich flowing movement everywhere. It is, quite simply, beautiful.

opticon_gardens If you visit, do make sure you take a stroll out into the gardens – which are extensive; this casino occupies a whole sim. These are quite spectacular – Opticon has allowed his love of flowing water even more range here, and the results look amazing by day and by night too. Thereare waterfalls, cascades and cunning fountains wherever one looks.

Indeed, inside I did feel that some of the gaming machines really got in the way. But I daresay that there are some people who will visit this version of Amsterdam – and probably never notice their surroundings at all!

And that would be a real shame.


Amsterdam Palace, built by Opticon Nykvist of Chronoforge 4D


  1. Actually…this location was built 50/50 by myself and CalistoStorm Goodliffe. A great deal of what you see was done by both of us.

    In fact, if you look at the HUGE waterfall in the very middle; 100% her.

    All of the trees and foliage outside of the Poker Palace – that’s her.

    And then the actual floorplan – that was original laid out by her and then modified and added upon by me. The entire middle section ( the fountains + giant waterfall ) is by her.

    You’ll see what is made by me, and made by her if you use Edit mode to check the actual creator. =)

    I just wanted to clarify that for you all whom read this because she deserves a great deal of credit for this build.

    Without her I’d not have succeded in even getting started on it – much less finishing it.

    Thanks Calico Kitten,
    Love you. 🙂

    – Opti

  2. I’m more than happy to give CalistoStrorm her full share of credit – and I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding. This was a completely awesome build! And I’ll be looking out for further work by her in the future.

  3. That’s perfectly fine, I just wish to stress to a great deal that she is my better half, and my equal in all I do.

    Where a prim is built by me; another is built by her.


    – Opti

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