Thinking about things: Part 1

meditate I’ve mentioned before that I have a meditation corner in my office which, in fact, is free for anyone to use.

The rug and cushion come from Sofia Standish’s store Sofia’s Furniture. I have her living room set for the reception area of the office opposite, and it seemed to me sensible to harmonise with that. The rug was on sale – and she has a range of meditation cushions – none in the texture I wanted, but she was happy to run one up for me. And it’s certainly worth having for the beautiful poses it gives you.

Having established the rug and the cushion, it actually seemed logical that each of the four squares of the rug should hold something – and what could be more fitting to meditate on than the four elements?

So I set about finding four objects that could symbolise the four elements — and in these blog posts, I’ll show you want I found.

fire The first is to my left and front as I meditate, and it’s a small blue candle representing Fire. It’s one of a range by Riversong Garden, available at the Ubuntu Market, in the Ubuntu sim. I’ve talked about Ubuntu before – at its simplest, it will be a way for a small proportion of the money spent in SL to be used for real world projects that make a difference. And it will also be a valuable source of information for SL residents on projects and how they can help to make a difference.

Something to think about!


In the illustration from the Prim Perfect Offices on Venice Island:
Candle and sculpture by Riversong Garden, available from the Ubuntu Market
Meditation cushion, rug and Egyptian vase by Sofia Standish of Sofia’s Furniture
Fountain for Kwan Yin created by Asia Vesperia and available at Lily Lioncourt’s *Fire* & ~Water~

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