How do we decide what to feature in Prim Perfect?

logo It’s a mixture, to be honest.

Sometimes (and very rarely) we read about something we like in a SL magazine or blog. But, by and large, despite the fact that the buying and selling of land, and the building and furnishing of homes and the planting of gardens is such a huge part of Second Life, the coverage given to the work of the designers is, at best, patchy.

The Editor hard at work!But it does work sometimes. For example, it was through reading blogs that I discovered my lovely hammock from Baron Grayson’s Relic, where I can lie and contemplate the universe. Or the next edition of Prim Perfect. Or even (she sighs) how much I have still to do to produce the first issue.

But quite often I find that my material through serendipity (no, not the store run by Sue Stonebinder at Intemptesta Nox – although that’s a terrific place in itself, and her bathroom is simply quite, quite lovely!) or mere chance.

isra_1 I put it down to serendipity that I discovered, for example, Irsa Dabu’s store – Sparkling Chamber. I was looking for a shop for something quite different which appeared to have vanished – and then saw all this glorious glass glinting on the horizon.

It was much the same thing that led me to discover Xylo’s Hasp’s store in his own sim, Xylo. I was buying a pair of ear-rings in a mall when I was struck by a rather interesting desk (yes, I know. I’m strange. Live with it – I do). And, as is my wont, I wandered over there to check who had created it. Xylo, Xylo … the name seemed familiar.

xylo_store And then I realised. With something of a blush. The rather cool (and quite large) furniture store across the canal from me in Venice belonged to none other than Xylo.

In fact, it was serendipity that led me to Venice Island, where our first issue is centred, and where Prim Perfect now has its offices.

I was casually exploring one day, Prim Perfect still a vague idea in my mind. I knew I wanted to set up the blog – and a magazine, because both were needed. And I had the idea for the showcase sim. I was exploring the back streets when a man stopped me, and asked if I could give him a few minutes of my time.

Well, like most avatars, mine generally wears an expression of polite interest – but I think he must have realised how … ambiguous this sounded, because he hastily explained that he was testing a new vendor for his store and needed someone to try it out. So I trotted along with him and, in between punching the appropriate buttons – explained to him what I was planning. He was hugely enthusiastic and suggested I talk to Melody Regent, the owner of Venice Island – which I duly did.

Venice IslandAnd Melody, bless her, saw at once the value of what I was trying to do. Despite the fact that Venice was a new sim just getting off the ground, she at once generously placed an apartment at my disposal. This is the apartment that will be the showcase for our first issue – and it looks utterly fabulous, thanks to the hard work put in by Isabella Lazarno of Classic Creations by Isabella, with design input from Szabo Horn of Created by Szabo.

Melody and all the Venetians proved immensely helpful – so much so that I decided to make it the base for Prim Perfect – an office where everyone could visit (and where I could store my servers and printing press!) . We started in a small (but very elegant!) backstreet building, and, when Venice was redesigned, moved to our present larger offices.

Venetian glassBut the Venetians weren’t alone in offering help, advice and guidance. I’ll try to avoid this turning into an Oscar acceptance speech, but I have met many fabulous people through this project. Some of them I approached somewhat nervously – and was received with warmth and enthusiasm. Many have gone of to give practical help and guidance – and even furniture – like Sofia Standish on Sofia’s Furniture, who took time out from her busy schedule to make me a set of conference room furniture which is the ultimate in stylish low prim. And Valerie Rosewood of Kisses Magazine, has been more than generous in her advice on the practicalities of delivering the product.

galaxyIn addition, these designers have made every effort to share the love by introducing me to designers and sim owners that they believe I’ll find interesting – especially new designers who are just trying to get a start. Szabo Horn and Isabella Lazarno introduced me to Bill Stirling of Bill Stirling Designs, for example, and his fabulous build of the cruise ship Galaxy – and that’s where the next edition of Prim Perfect is going to focus.

And Sky Everett of Sky Designs in L’Utopie introduced me to the very talented Rowan Keats, while only yesterday Colleen Desmoulins, while showing me around her store The Loft (and I’ll be blogging soon about some of the things I saw there) showed me the work of two young and exciting designers.

sky_1 And that brings me to the final way that we find material for Prim Perfect – and that’s through word of mouth. And this is where you the reader come in too. We love visiting new stores. We love meeting designers and discussing their work with them. We adore visiting homes and seeing the great things people are doing with them. So write and tell us about your favourite designer – either on the blog or to, and we will do our best to visit and – if we like what we find, we’ll blog about it and perhaps feature it (or the designer) in our magazine.

You can help make this blog and the magazine better and help us promote the cause of good design in Second Life!


1. Prim Perfect Logo
2. Image: The Editor hard at work on Issue 1 …
Showing a hammock designed by Baron Grayson – available at Relic
In the background – chaise longue designed by – Isabella Boehm – available at Prim Goddess Creations
and Mediterranean vase designed by Sofia Standish – available at Sofia’s Furniture
The Castle setting is designed by Kelindra Talamasca – available at Dreamwoven
3. Image: More glorious Glass
Glass available at Irsa Dabu’s store – Sparkling Chamber
4. Image: Staying Close to the Office
Xylo Hasp’s self-named furniture store across the canal from me on Venice Island
5. Image: I love Venice …
Venice Island (the old build)
6. Image: Glass, Glorious Glass
Lily plate and bowl by Sofia Standish of Sofia’s Furniture
7. Image: Showcase!
The Galaxy cruise liner, built by Bill Stirling of Bill Stirling Designs

8. Image: Textures with Sky Everett
Chair designed by Sky Everett of Sky Designs in L’Utopie

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