Prim Perfect Launches Tomorrow – with a pirate ship!

pirate ship Prim Perfect, Second Life’s first magazine for Homes and Gardens, is set to launch on Tuesday May 1st with a launch party on Venice Island that will include dancing to the sounds of Luigi Volare and a charity auction where one of the items on offer is a complete and full-sized pirate ship, designed by Baron Grayson.

But there will be items for auction to suit every pocket – and every avatar from the eager fashionista to the newcomers watching their prim count. In addition, several of SL’s leading designers (including Baron Grayson and Arthur Fermi) have agreed to put their own skills up for auction. The money raised will be given to the Ubuntu project to meet its aims of supplying information for SL residents and practical aid for micro-projects in the Third World.

The majority of the items will only be auctioned on the day, but realising that not everyone might be able to attend the auction in person, closed bids can be made in advance on the pirate ship (the reserve price is $10,000 Linden).

The High Seas Pirate Ship that has been moored in the bay of Sanctum Sanctorum. Baron Grayson says, “There is quite a history to that ship. She started as a one-week speed build for Burning Life in 2005. I was part of a talented inworld game design team that wanted to contribute a pirate adventure to the madness that is Burning Life. The adventure lived and was loved by many at that festival and one piece of it still exists in this ship.

“I am also putting myself on the auction block, next to my ship. For what? For my design services. One Item I can finish in One Day…it can be a texture, a retail ad, a graphic of any sort. My graphic services added to this package will set this ship apart from those offered to the public. This is a silent auction.”

So join in the celebrations for Prim Perfect; read the magazine – and take the chance to bid for your very own pirate ship too!

Send your silent bids for the ship and Baron Grayson’s services to:

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