Now, where have I seen this one before?

pirate_ship_in_VeniceThere’s a lot of good things on my doorstep. Or rather, on the doorstep of my offices in Venice. One such thing I found the other day, an outlet store for a designer I hadn’t come across before – Enes Masala of nsm designs. I loved the Persian prints and the gorgeous leather handbags – so much so that I decided to take a visit to the main store. And I was bowled over – literally!

The store contains the rugs, jewellry, gorgeous handbags and prints that are present in the Venice store – but it also contains a lovely selection of Turkish pots and bowls.

Several years ago now, I went on holiday to Kalkan, a small Turkish fishing village (which now has a large tourist population every summer but which, through careful use of resources, retains a great deal of charm). One evening, after we’d had dinner by the harbour, we met up with an Englishwoman who was just starting to make a new life for herself in Kalkan, and she introduced us to a Turkish friend who had a shop selling the ceramics that he made. His whole family helped out – he explained that they spent the summer in Kalkan, and went back to the city (Istanbul) in the winter, and we saw one of his daughters carefully colouring a pattern on a bowl. He had a kiln at the back of the shop where he baked his creations, and he was fascinated by the different traditions within Anatolian ceramics, and tried to reproduce them in his work. He had a number of books on the subject, and shared them with us over the course of a wonderful evening, when he explained the provenance of different designs (he marked each piece according to its tradition).

In the end, we bought three of his bowls and brought them back to England with us, where we found them a perfect size and shape for serving pasta. We adored them and used them for years, and loud were the lamentations when one was broken.

my_bowlSo, on my visit to the store, I was delighted to see that there was a wall hung with these Turkish bowls. And I was even more delighted to recognise one of my own bowls! It’s actually the design at the top left of this picture; you can see it rather more clearly in the larger design – and the charming overall effect of the arrangement is visible here.

But nsm designs doesn’t just have the ceramics. I’m also in love with the display of prints it has – which range from water colours of old Istanbul in a style strongly reminiscent of David Roberts to traditional Persian illuminations – as you can see here.

And the handbags …

I know I generally avoid blogging about fashion – there are certinly enough blogs and mags out there on SL fashion already! But, despite the facrt that one of the joys of SL is NOT having to lug a handbag everywhere I go, I have to say that Enes Masalam by using traditional Turkish designs with his leather, has made a temptation that is very hard to resist!


nsm designs at Gold Coast and Venice Island.

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