Embarrassing experiences

Not that this has anything to do with design at all – and you certainly won’t be getting a picture!

But I really did have THE most embarrassing experience after the Wednesday update.

I logged in, a good hour after the grid had re-opened. But, for some reason, my own area had not re-opened and the sytems booted me, as they said, to another local area. Hardly local – it was Orientation Island.

The embarrassing thing was that – as I sometimes do – I had ended the previous night by slipping my clothes off and diving into my rather lush hot tub before I logged out. Which meant that I awoke to find myself stark naked in the middle of a crowd of startled newbies.

It did not seem like the best moment to start distributing copies of the magazine …


  1. Yep, that’s why I always sleep with my clothes on in SL. And I always remember to put “it” away–something I never forget now, after I logged out one night post-romantic interlude and then logged in the next day with it all hanging out, a fact I was unaware of until my friends started laughing and taking snapshots. Oops.

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