Another wedding in Venice!

wedding I want to end the week on a personal note by sending warm congratulations to two very good friends – Melody Regent, the owner of Venice Island and Motor Loon, Head of Security in Venice, who married in the small and beautiful church in Venice on Thursday 17th May.

Once again, the church was pretty much packed with Venice residents who had come to ensure that the whole event was carried out in true Venetian style.

Motor, of course, is Danish, while Melody is American – and a lovely and very moving touch in the service came when Melody made her vows in Danish as well as English, thanks to another Venetian resident, Satori Igaly who, although German herself, knows Danish and was able to supply the translation.


So a wonderful ceremony – and then it was, in true Venetian style, followed by splendid party with dancing in the square and later in Casanova, the new nightclub that has been opened in Venice.

And for those of you who like wedding pictures, there’s another one here – and even a shot of some of the guests too, here!

And, if you want to see more about the church in Venice, you might want to read about an earlier wedding here too.


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