We told you about it first!

venice_montageVenice Island, that is, which was our Sim of the Month for May – our first issue (and you can see a montage that was used in the magazine here).

But now the rest of the world seems to have caught on to its existence too!

You can read the article about Venice in this month’s edition of Prim Perfect – and today, thanks to a wire story on exploring Second Life, you can also read about VeniceIsland on cnn.com, Yahoo News, USAToday.com, FederalNewsRadio, BrisbaneTimes (Australia), Netscape News, FoxNews … oh, I’m sure you’re getting the picture here!

What do they all say?

Describing tours you can take of some of the beauties of Second Life, they include this:

By heading to The Guided Tour Company of Second Life, where automated tour vehicles ranging from hang-gliders to flying carpets are sold, avatars can access a programmed tour of tours.

church By clicking on the free guide, users can teleport to Icarus, where a giant dragonfly carries them to a romantic dance floor surrounded by twinkling stars. Clicking again brings them to Venice Island, where a gondola takes them to an old church adorned with Renaissance paintings and an ornate, carved pulpit.

I wonder – might that be the church mentioned in this blog only yesterday, where Venetian residents Melody Regent and Motor Loon celebrated their nuptuals (and before them, of course, Sunday Ayres and Dax Frederickson)? And those posts give you a chance to see a little of the interior of the chapel too.

Clearly, Prim Perfect is not only Second Life’s first magazine for Homes and Gardens, but it also knows the best places too! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the world says when they catch up with our choice for our June sim – the fabulous Galaxy Cruise Liner.

venice_partySo, what will the Venetians do to celebrate the confirmation of their sim as oone of the coolest places in Second Life? Well, going by past experience, I’d guess that there’s going to be dancing in Casanova, the new club, and more than likely in the square as well – the traditional place where Venetians like to gather and dance the night away!

Perhaps we’ll see you there, soon?

Just remember – you read it here first!

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