The Treasure Hunt Deadline is extended!

logo Due to a big surge of last-minute interest in the Prim Perfect treasure hunt, we have decided to extend the deadline for the competition once again – from May 25th to Saturday June 2nd 2007.

That means you will have TEN WHOLE DAYS now to find as many of the tokens as you can, all hidden in stores across the Second Life grid.

We’ve give out eight clues to help you already – and more will be coming over the next few days too!

There are fifteen tokens (the magazine logo – as shown to the left here) hidden in stores all over SL (you’ll find a list of which stores in Issue 1 of Prim Perfect.

To win a prize, find as many tokens as you can, and send the landmarks (or slurls) where you found them to, including your avatar name and an answer to the tiebreak question (also in the magazine). The person to find the most tokens will win – and in the event of a tie, we will use the tie-breaker.

Also: – you don’t necessarily have to find every token to win a prize! Just find as many as you can – by June 2nd.

In case you missed them, here are the first eight clues:

Another clue will be coming very soon!

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