The word is spreading …

vendor The word about Prim Perfect, that is, and what a good magazine it is to feature in your sim!

At the moment we’re in negotiations to deliver the magazine via a new chain of news-stands being planned to be launched across Second Life. Already Prim Perfect is available at Max’s Newstands, and we’re hoping to make it available shortly through the Cheyenne Bookstore chain.

Many furniture stores now have a Prim Perfect vendor on their doorstep (or possibly inside the door). In fact, if you visit a furniture store and there isn’t a Prim Perfect vendor there, why not IM the owner and suggest thats/he IMs Saffia Widdershin or Zadira Barzane and gets one insralled rightaway?

Many mall owners are starting to realise too that Prim Perfect is a magazine about the things that their shoppers are interested in. And it’s a good, meaty read too – with lots of beautiful pictures. So now, quite often, I’m popping away from my editor’s desk to set up one of my vendors in a new sim.

serapion Just the other day, I visited the new Old World Centre in Serapion to set up a vendor in the medieval market there. This is an interesting combination ofold and new; the buidling are prettily medieval (with a slight middle European feel), but this is a modern sim, and the contents of the shops are absolutely up-to-date – as evidenced by the cintent of the shops, the very modern railings leading to a lower level, as the useful rss news feed in the main square.

The emphasis is currently on fashion but, with several empty stores still to be filled, I would hope to see at least a couple of outlets devoted to homes and gardens. And the shops are a perfect size for the quirky and individual – or else to serve as an outlet for a main store.

I suspect that the designer of the shops here was also involved in Salzburg Village, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. However, the design of the streets here is, it seemed to me, a little less complex. One very good aspect for me was that the area seemed largely lag-free – let’s hope that continues!

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