But … what’s happened to the Prim Perfect Offices?

empty_officeYou don’t often see them looking like this, that’s for sure.

No furniture – and grass instead of my nice tile flooring.

Yes, Venice is undergoing a re-design, and the Prim Perfect offices are on the move again!

This time, we’ll be keeping the same distinctive office building, based on a Venetian tavern – and now a rather swish hotel, the Hotel Ci’Pisano. But our position is changing on the island, as the square becomes a little smaller and more intimate, to better match its romantic nature. And the walkways will become a little broader too – whichh may save me a few inauspicious dunks in the canal when I stride out from the offices too imperiously!

The sim will be back by Thursday, at which point I’ll post my new slurl. At the moment, whith most of the square gone, it’s beautiful and a little melancholy, with half the buildings gone and grass underfoot to create wide open vistas. At one point you can even see a shop, its objects suspended in mid air as the walls that supported them have been wrenched away.

Until Thursday then, gentle readers!

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