The Galaxy: the Other Side of the Story

galaxy_from_shore You might remember that a few weeks ago, I stood on one of the islands in the Sagittaria chain of islands, and took a picture of the fabulous three sim-long cruise liner, the Galaxy, which, of course, will be our Sim of the month for June.

Well, the other night, I popped over to see how the build was going, and saw that work on the forward section was much advanced – so much so that I was able to reverse my earlier shot. I stood on the forward deck and took this pic, overlooking the island where two of the leading figures on the Galaxy team, Arkady Yost and Bella La Salle, have their beautiful home (and several ships of their own – including the pirate ship seen here).

I was able to see the work that’s being done on the bridge of the ship, as well as see the most glorious blood red moonrise over the Sagittaria islands, also seen from the deck of the ship, but looking to the other side (I’d love to get all nautical and say ‘looking to windward’, but I’m sure half my readers would just giggle at my ignorance!). The red pole you can see from the bridge is a building marker still in place – so there’s still more work to be done. But as the final elements are welded into place, the Glaxy continues to impress.

And, of course, one lucky reader will win a month in a cabin apartment there!

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