June Treasure Hunt: Clue 3 – Adagio Interiors

lamp Once again there’s a Treasure Hunt in this month’s edition of Prim Perfect – but this month it is slightly different.There are sixteen stores taking part this month – and instead of finding a token, this month you have to visit the store to discover the prim count of each of the pieces featured in the magazine.

Today’s clue is from Adagio Interiors, the store run by Celty Westwick and Jamie Cheeky.

I have written about their store before, as I liked their solution to the problem of displaying a wide range of furniture when you have only a limited prim count. They have the store set up to rezz entire rooms, and them to rezz the next room in the space. They also, very helpfully, supply prim counts (as we are asking designers to do in our Campaign), and it would be too difficult to try to click on a number of pieces and work out prim counts before thy rezz into their next form.

Clicking on one standard lamp should not, however, be too difficult for our competitors!

I’ve found the piece – now how do I find the prim count?

Figure 1

Figure 2

You can find out the prim count by right clicking on an item. Then select edit. Make sure that the edit window is fully open (by clicking in the bottom righthand corner if the simple edit menu is showing – as in the first diagram). When the edit menu is fully open and the General tab is showing, then you can read the prim count – as shown in the second diagram.

Remember: to win a prize, find as many prim counts as you can, and send the details to primperfect@gmail.com, including your avatar name and an answer to the tiebreak question (which you’ll find in the magazine). The person to find the most prim counts will win – and in the event of a tie, we will use the tie-breaker.

Also: – you don’t necessarily have to find every prim count to win a prize! Just find as many as you can – by July 10th.

See our earlier clues:
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Another clue will be coming very soon!

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