Summer Furniture – Part 1

picnic Here in the UK, it’s been horribly wet and windy – with record floods in places like Sheffield. Not the sort of weather where you want to stretch out on a deck lounger and bang another burger on the barbie.

So it’s rather nice to slip into SL and find a world where, if you want it to be, it’s always sunny at the beach.

And if you want a barbecue, well, Ally Geer of Elegance in Design by Ally may well be the woman (and have the store) for you. Ever since I visited her home and found fresh baked bread cooling on a rack – and instantly wished passionately that, never mind voice, Second Life came with smell – I have known that this woman has a way with food – as ably demonstrated in her picnic table with its food being prepared on a tabletop barbecue.

picnic But her range doesn’t stop with food. As you can see here (and in even more detail in you click on the thumbnail to the right and see the enlarged image, Ally has produced a wide range for summer, including a reading rug with space for quite a few people – ideal if you favour your picnics on a rug!

There’s also a nice, bright hammock in a range of cheerful colours, and a variety of deck loungers too. But I must admit,it was the picnic table that my heart yearned after, and I started doing counts there and then to see if I could squeeze it into my prim allowance anywhere!

Another thing that Ally does really well, and which could be a real boon in summer – is a range of beautiful drifting lace curtains that catch the breeze beautifully. Well worth a look!

One comment

  1. Look for natural fibre weaves as a natural alternative to upholster your furniture. Seagrass, sisal, coir, jute and rush are quite in demand right now and create a very definitive style statement. All these variety of materials vary widely in terms of their durability and stain resistance, so make sure you ask about their merits and limitations before purchasing.

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