June Treasure Hunt: Clue 12 – L’Utopie

Marrakesh Cave Once again there’s a Treasure Hunt in this month’s edition of Prim Perfect – but this month it is slightly different.There are sixteen stores taking part this month – and instead of finding a token, this month you have to visit the store to discover the prim count of each of the pieces featured in the magazine.

Today’s clue is a particularly rich and lush one from Sky Everett’s L’Utopie store. It’s the Marrakesh Cove – a relaxation area with the cave created entirely from richly textured furnishings.

I’ve reclined upon such sofas and cushions myself – in Turkey, rather than Marrakesh, where some of the restaurants in the little fishing village where we were staying had roof restaurants with small pavilions where you could sprawl at ease while small dishes of delicious delicacies were brought to you – stuffed vine leaves, amazing things with olives, and aubergines (eggplants to our American friends) utilised in ways beyond common imagination.

Sky’s wonderful pavilion captures all this, offering a wealth of seating options for one, two or perhaps a whole group of people to enjoy together. You could place it on your roof, perhaps -but this incarnation would make an equally valid piece to be placed in a landscaped garden as a centrepiece.

Visit it and enjoy. But don’t forget to count the prims!

I’ve found the piece – now how do I find the prim count?

Figure 1

Figure 2

You can find out the prim count by right clicking on an item. Then select edit. Make sure that the edit window is fully open (by clicking in the bottom righthand corner if the simple edit menu is showing – as in the first diagram). When the edit menu is fully open and the General tab is showing, then you can read the prim count – as shown in the second diagram.

Remember: to win a prize, find as many prim counts as you can, and send the details to primperfect@gmail.com, including your avatar name and an answer to the tiebreak question (which you’ll find in the magazine). The person to find the most prim counts will win – and in the event of a tie, we will use the tie-breaker.

Also: – you don’t necessarily have to find every prim count to win a prize! Just find as many as you can – by July 10th.

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