Signature Pieces: Part 1

hammock on Svarga Do you ever look at a piece of furniture and think, “Oh yes, that’s by xyz?”

I do but then, that’s my job in a way. But there are certain items that I see over and over again in certain contexts. They’re beautiful pieces and, in some ways, they’ve perhaps become the signature pieces for their designers – items that are so lovely and memorable that they appear throughout SL – sometimes in unexpected places. And I must say, I’ve been amused that a couple of these appear in my logo – even before I realised their iconic status.

One of these pieces is the hammock shown here, on the gorgeous evolving sim, Svarga (which is our landscape of the month). The hammock is designed by Baron Grayson and available from his amazing store Relic – although it may take you a little while to find it – and you might find yourself caught in an unexpected rainstorm as you explore the ruins at the top of the hill!

I have the hammock in my castle, of course, and you can see me reclining in it on the top left of the strap that runs across the top of this blog. It’s also been featured on the well-known blog Linden Lifestyles. And you’ll see it again and again across SL in all sorts of locations.

hammock in the Castle So why has the hammock acquired such status?

Well, it’s certainly well designed. It wantonly invites lying on. The textures are lush – the fringe is a particularly nice touch – and the poses are good (I prefer the one that has me stretched out and musing, with my arms behind my head – but the Hays Code one where you keep one foot on or at least near the floor is fun too). And it can look good in a variety of environments too.

So … would Baron Grayson fans agree that this is a signature piece – or would they argue for something else?

And what do YOU consider to be the signature pieces of your favourite designer? Add your ideas in the comments here!

(By the way – don’t forget that Relic is one of the stores featured in this month’s Treasure Hunt!)


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