Prim Perfect Offices: finally settled in Venice!

New Offices At least, I do hope so!

As I told you last week, a new sim has opened next to Venice – a residential sim called Tuscany. I think it’s lovely – but then, I would do, as I have a small stake in it myself. It’s designed as a series of Tuscan villas; there are a few public areas such as a seafront cafe and a tiny harbour for yachts and dinghies – but its overall atmosphere is calm, peaceful and relaxed. So do take a look!

Anyway, the establishment of Tuscany meant that the sim of Venice Island, in real terms, shifted one sim further south. We were told that the landmarks would soon settle down but, a week later, I was still finding myself landing in Tuscany every time I teleported to the office. And I’m a little concerned that people trying to visit the Prim Perfect Offices might be having the same problem.

So I’ve updated the link on my profile and here is the address for the Prim Perfect Offices!

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