Motorbiking with Motor

On Motor's bike Yes, it’s your editor as you’ve never seen her before!

I’m taking a break from my usual posts about house and garden design and the magazine, because I had tremendous fun yesterday visiting a friend’s new store.

You may remember that I blogged about Motor Loon’s wedding to Melody Regent, the manager of Venice Island and Tuscany a while ago.

Well, now Motor has launched MLCC – Motor Loon Custom Cycles – his store in Venice where he is selling a range of beautiful motorbikes. There’s me, dressed in my best motorbike chick chic – and riding the Beast – an impressive creature. As well as the store, there’s a skybox test-driving area high in the sky above Venice (very necessary, as these beasts have powerful roars). There are unlocked bikes here for the intrepid to take a spin on – and it really is good fun – although with my tendency to veer off into the hedges, I don’t think I’ll be entering any races yet!

selection of Motor's bikes Although the bikes are kept to only 29 prims, Motor has tried to reproduce a look of a real-life chopper motorcycle within the limitations of building in SL. He’s put a lot of work (at least 100 hours of work and about 1500 lines of code) into the controlscripts to make the bikes easy and fun to drive around, with features like burnouts, wheelies, stoppies, hard turns and 5 gears/speeds plus a reverse gear. The engines are highly detailed and even have prim drivebelts.

Each bike allows the owner to select between textures and colours or combine them. For example, wheelrims can be switch between at least 12 different styles for a customised style. Headlights can be turned on, and some models have rearlight too. Also the bikes have features to provide for passenger seats, with sitting adjustment/poses, different horns. All setup can be put in a notecard on the bike and loaded everytime you rez/reset it.

An unlock feature will allow you to let a friend testride the bike, or even let you rez a copy of it and you can drive together.

Motor says the bikes are for built for beauty and fun. Having taken a test-drive, I can certainly endorse that!

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